About Us

About BRINGit

Our founder, Arne Gramckow, started making his own hair styling product using wax, oil and coconut fragrance when he was just a student back in Lübeck / North Germany.

In 1994, a job opportunity brought Arne halfway across the world to Singapore. He tried different hair styling products and eventually found an affordable product through a local brand called GOODLOOK.

However, after relocating to Hong Kong, Arne found himself in the same predicament. He had to buy the products from Singapore and physically carry them back to Hong Kong. His desire to see a brand or product being made available influenced him to pursue a career in global sourcing and supply chain organizations, as well as for international brands out of the Asian region. Armed with more than 20 years of experience, Arne has decided to form his own company, and BRINGit was born.

His vision is clear:

If you would like to BRING a brand or product and have it available wherever you are (via e-commerce & retail), BRINGit will be the source that paves the way for you.

How BRINGit Works



Would you like to see a specific brand or product being made available?



Prepare requirements, do research, contact source and develop strategy.



Negotiate terms, conditions and delivery.


Marketing and launch. Make brand or product available together with key market players (e-commerce & retail).


We create positive experiences, customer happiness and satisfaction.