1909 Supreme Creme Deluxe, 100ml, colourless


The 1909 Creme de Luxe is enriched with valuable and natural waxes and oils and is ideal for shoe care of the highest standards. It is an integral part of our well-known and high-quality 1909 care series, protects and pampers all smooth leather, providing optimal colour refreshing and a perfect, colour-rich shine.

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Your shoe care expert for 100 years
Innovation through tradition – this is what Collonil offers through its expertise and instinct for revolutionary innovations. What began in 1909 with a leather oil is constantly being developed further by the people who work for Collonil. High-performance, high-quality products that revolutionise leather and shoe care. Always on the move – and yet connected to its roots. To this day, Collonil has developed and produced everything in Berlin. Collonil has developed into a globally positioned company. Innovations for the whole world, made in Germany.

Collonil 1909
Collonil 1909 is a totally new dimension of leather care: luxurious, intensive and astonishing. A real anti-ageing programme for leather! High-quality leather care that is traditional and forward-looking at the same time: Collonil has had this in mind since its year of foundation, which gives the series its name. Our 1909 series pampers leather thanks to the ingredients that are also used in skincare products. Smooth leather shoes remain soft and supple and can be polished to restore their shine. Even fine suede and buckskin leather preserve their appearance and freshness. Valuable waxes and oils protect the texture and colour of the leather.